The Electric Pizza Club

Connecting & equipping you to stay fresh in your business while still seeking balance in your life.

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The Electric Pizza Club

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Are You...

A small business owner who often feels like you're on an island alone searching for answers? Wishing you had a listening ear and a little encouragement about your specific questions and ideas?  Needing guidance and resources to grow your business?

Same. I've been there!

I know what it's like to feel alone while running a business, not sure of what to do or who to listen to, all while being bombarded with messages and ads to grow your business.

When all I really wanted was people, real people, to bounce ideas off and to hear ideas from who were also running real businesses!

That's why I created The Electric Pizza Club. The internet moves so fast, and what worked last year, or even last month, might not be working today. I want The Electric Pizza Club to be a place where people learn, exchange ideas, encourage one another and come away with real strategies that will work today. 

I will openly share any ideas that I have for your business and encourage all members to find a healthy balance between work and life.

My Promise

I promise that The Electric Pizza Club will be a place where you will access relevant information about running a business in the ever-changing digital landscape.  The Electric Pizza Club will be a place to connect with others, be heard, and given the resources, you need to succeed.

Why did I name this group "The Electric Pizza Club"?

Think about all the people you eat pizza with. We grab pizza with our family and closest friends all while talking about the real things going on in our lives.  Now think about the last time you had a "networking event?" Was there a real conversation being had?

I named the group The Electric Pizza Club because I wanted it to be real, honest and helpful, just like a conversation with a good friend over a delicious pizza. It won't be another stuffy "We are all just crushing it and never having any troubles!" business meeting. 

I also wanted the name to reflect the fast speed at which the internet and digital marketing moves.  Watching someones "How To Win With Instagram" e-course they produced two years ago is probably not very relevant anymore, and I want The Electric Pizza Club to be filled with current, ever-evolving information that will help you succeed today.  

So, long story short

The Electric - Fast and updated information that's working,

Pizza Club - A place to be open and honest about what's happening and to enjoy the people around you.

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